Charlotte's first birthday was inspired by her sweet and feminine nature. Flowers were all around and we tried to make it a party that was both lovely and enjoyable for our guests of all ages. We set up beautiful lace tents and a teepee for the children to play in, and made individual boxed lunches for them to eat. My dear friend Tearah worked her magic to make this party a thing of beauty - from creative touches to the walls and balloons to hand-crafting a myriad of garlands to swoop from the ceilings. Below is a short film I created as a gift to Charlotte - a compilation of interviews and film footage to show her what she was like at one year old. Our daughter is such a joy to us, and celebrating her that day surrounded by flowers and friends and family was absolutely wonderful. 

If you'd like to know more about how Tearah created this party, you can check out her blog post here! As usual, my talented friend Anastasia captured this special event perfectly. Thank you, friends!