After Beatrice was born we moved Charlotte into a big-girl bed and with that her room fell into perfect shambles. It had been teetering on the edge of mayhem for a while. Her play kitchen had no place; a random bookshelf I wished to keep but had no spot for was stuffed between her dresser and the wall, and a mishmash of toys from Christmas and birthdays began to accumulate thanks to my haphazard attempt at toy rotation. The new bed was the last straw. The room was a place I never wanted to be, and consequentially Charlotte spent little time there too. Poor girl! Does anyone else find themselves neglecting a room all together if it seems too disorderly and there isn't the time/money/desire to change it? Ugh.

Something had to be done, and something had to be done cheaply. One day I had enough and I pulled absolutely everything out of Charlotte's closet and purged and pruned and organized until things started to feel manageable again. I may have neglected the kids all morning, throwing food and movies at them intermittently, but in the end - success!

Then began a week of thrifting for baskets, discarding all manner of toys and clothing we didn't use or need anymore, and planning up the cheapest remodel I could. I bought a $12 gallon of white paint from Home Depot and painted one wall white, and then drew straight lines with a leveler and a pencil - you read that right, a good old pencil - to create a shiplap effect. Thank you, Pinterest. I heart you. The window throws a glare on the wall and makes it practically impossible to get a good photo of the shiplap lines, but I swear to you that they are quite visible in person!

The baskets in the closet cost me about $10 thanks to Goodwill 50% off days. Everything else came down to repurposing what we already had.

The mid-mod dresser we bought off Craigslist (total steal at $150!) while I was pregnant with Charlotte. The circle hanging basket and oil painting were Goodwill finds, and most everything else was here in Charlotte's nursery from when she was a baby. The granny square blanket I made during my pregnancy with her, and the America embroidered hoop was a thrifted find online.

Basically all other furniture and picture frames and lamps and curtains and, well, everything, is good old Ikea. The little doll cradle was handmade by Zack's grandfather for Charlotte and the garland is simply bits of eucalyptus and yarn. I put all of Charlotte's dresses in Bea's closet, which has made everything so much easier because I mostly go to one room to pick out their outfits for the day. 

Everything has a place now in the closet. Kitchen toys and barbies and dress-up clothes. I picked up a couple of seriously inexpensive picnic and orchard baskets at thrift stores to keep everything in. Charlotte can clean up easily on her own and things don't go to disaster-town as often as they used to.

Clearly not everything is finished. There's a whole pile of leftover decor in the closet that didn't make the cut to Charlotte's new bedroom, and there's empty spots here and there on the walls, but overall the room feels fresh and clean and every single day my girls are begging to play in there together. Alone. And even five minutes of that is a win. #amirightoramiright?