California 2017-24.jpg

It was July and we were coming off a month of 120 degree temps. We were tired of the heat and tired of the desert and after a full week of Zack being out of town for school, a vacation seemed in order. True to form, my parents planned an exceedingly last-minute amazing getaway to Oceanside in California, and less than a day after Zack had returned from Idaho, we said farewell once again and the girls and I took off for California. 

My brother Noah, sister Abby, Bea and I drove one car while my parents took Charlotte in the other. They got the better end of the deal, no doubt about it! Charlotte is a perfect angel of a traveler, and she fully enjoyed the ride, while Bea went back and forth between sleeping and crying and getting overly-tired and crying louder before falling asleep again. Several hours and many baby food pouches later, we arrived in balmy, beautiful Oceanside. 

The beach was gorgeous, the weather was glorious, and though I got little sleep between Bea and Charlotte the coffee was plentiful and our spirits were up. We boogie-boarded and played in the waves, and went for lengthy beach walks each morning and at sunset. Bea hated the ocean but loved to eat the sand, and we couldn't keep Charlotte out of the water. 

After their summers spent traveling (Alaska and the whole Pacific coast, respectively), Abby and Noah were both finally home and it was a fun all it's own just to spend some sibling time together. We sang, we laughed, we listened to podcasts, and they yelled at me for filming too much. 

In all, it was perfect. More or less how any family vacation of ours has ever been - chaotic, unplanned, and wonderful.