I've known Natalie since the middle school choir days when everyone was awkward and lanky and growing into this thing called womanhood. She was graceful and sweet, and totally the life of the party even then. It's been the very best thing to reconnect in our twenties, years after graduating, and still growing on our own paths. Meeting Matt, it was immediately apparent that they are as close to a perfect match as you can get. They're dorky and musical and romantic and fun, I'm pretty sure they ground each other in all the right ways too. Watching these two together brings all warmth and laughter and nostalgia for those sweet honeymoon days bubbling up inside. 

Their wedding day was glorious, simply put. Blue skies and flowers, family and dearest friends all gathered to support the bride and groom. So much love all around. It was beautiful.

Natalie and Matt wrote their own vows to say to one another, in addition to the traditional ones. At the rehearsal dinner the evening before the ceremony we recorded them, independently of one another so that the first time they heard their promises was when they said them on their wedding day. Knowing the depth of love and affection, of sincerest hope and joy that they held for this marriage before they even had the chance to hear those vows made documenting the wedding day all that much more meaningful to me. It was an honor to film this for them, and I hope it is something to be treasured in all the years and experiences that lie ahead.