The birth team for baby Scott was all on high alert in the early days of July. Jessica had been experiencing plenty of prodomal labor, and so when I got the call to head over on July 4th I rushed as quickly as possible and arrived just as fireworks were beginning to light up the sky. But labor had slowed, and so Keaton and Jess enjoyed what seemed to be a peaceful start to things and lit fireworks for the kids. After the girls went to bed, we hoped contractions would pick back up. Keaton and Jessica walked and she bounced on the birthing ball and swayed through the waves. The group of women - midwife, doula, mother, friends - surrounded Jessica and lifted her up in prayer, just as she had hoped for this birth. The walls were covered in affirmations and soft music played. We ordered pizza. Some of us slept. Jessica spent some time in the pool, but as it grew late we all went to bed, expecting things to pick up at any moment, as Jessica has a history of extremely quick births. I left once to go home and nurse my baby and then returned, but at five am when it seemed that labor was not going to happen as we thought, I drove home. 

All that week we waited. Jessica tried acupuncture and adjustments and anything that could help her relax and baby get into the best position for birth. At just after four am on July 12th, Keaton called to tell me to hurry over because this time it was for real. I packed my camera gear and my baby and rushed over, but Scott didn't care to wait and hurried into the world after a mere forty-five minutes of labor and with his midwife having walked into the room just three minutes before!

When I arrived they were resting peacefully on the couch and the girls were awake and doting on their new baby brother. He was perfect and hefty! Nine pounds exactly. A beautiful, healthy baby boy. 

Welcome to the world, little Scott! You are already so loved.

Below you can watch a short film of Scott's birth as well as labor, birth, and newborn photos.