And so the year ends. You fall asleep in Grandma's arms and Daddy and I sneak in to watch your small frame rise and fall with every breath. This year was good. It was more than good. It was hard in a thousand different ways and blessed beyond measure in a million more. I watched you transform from baby to toddler through the lens of my camera. I strove to remember every small detail and know that, though I've failed miserably, somehow I believe you and I have created something here that we will both treasure through years to come. Twenty-fifteen - the year of just you and us. The year you blossomed from baby to little girl. The year I fell ever more in love with your Daddy as I witnessed his love and care for you. The year we learned we'd be giving you a baby sister. The year we felt the need to cherish this sweet time with you as our only child. The year we found ourselves pressed more than ever to be thoughtful in how our thoughts and words and deeds make up who we are as a family. 

Oh, my Charlotte, how I've loved this year and this project of documenting you. Our days together bring me such joy. Never have I been so truly happy in my life. From my girlhood I longed to be a mama, and you were the fulfillment of that dear hope. Raising and teaching and loving you has been the greatest work of my life so far, and I praise the Lord for this past year to grow more and more in the knowledge of who you are, and my continued prayer for you is to grow to know and love the Lord and to be raised up to do great work for his kingdom. May he grant me the grace to be the mother you need. 

Farewell, old year. Hello, new. 

New Year's Eve, 2015