Ezekiel Jude arrived in his own time. After forty-one weeks of pregnancy, his mama, Shealin, labored through the afternoon and night and all the next day to bring him into the world. She was strong and beautiful through it all, with her husband, Jeremy, at her side and a wonderful support team cheering her on.  

This birth was slow and steady. We watched the light through the window change from the deep night to gray dawn, from bright morning to golden afternoon. The emotions, the intensity, the exhaustion and strength - everything was flux over the long hours. So much joy filled the room, where Shea's mother and her two doulas were supporting her, and echoed from down the hall where the rest of the family gathered to wait. When the baby's first cries rang out, Jeremy looked up with tears in his eyes and announced to his wife, "it's a boy." Happiness and relief and love overflowed that tiny hospital room as so many months and long hours of work came to its glorious fruition.

Happy birth day, Ezekiel Jude! You are so loved, little boy.  

Below are photos and a short film of the birth. The film is best seen in HD, so do try to watch it that way.

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