I was honored to document this beautiful little one's arrival in June. Her birth was quick, but calm. Her mother was sweet and collected even in the midst of the storm. She was born into water, still in the caul, surrounded by family in her own home. What a lovely way to enter the world.

Welcome, Elora Rose!


Below are a film and images, sharing the story of Elora's birth. There are so many things I hoped to capture here: the hushed excitement in the air; Cheyanne's and Mindy's reassuring low tones; Megan glowing in the evening light in the birth pool; Roger always arms length away from Megan; little Emma stroking her mama's hair; the many hands caressing, comforting, upholding, helping; Megan's soft, muted strength; the first glorious cries sounding out a new life entered the world; Elora grasping her daddy's fingers for the first time. Birth is a marvelous thing.

The film is best seen in HD. Do try to watch it that way!