Today we went downtown with friends. We both needed time out, I think. We've been mostly house-bound the past week and it was wearing on us. Unfortunately you slept little the past several nights, and your nap this morning was practically non-existent. Our play-date/inspiring field trip with friends was not the relaxing outing I had imagined. We are struggling with each other lately. You flung mashed potatoes from the spoon I attempted to feed to you and bit my finger when I tried to shush your loud cries. I prayed every few minutes for grace to be love to you despite the frustration bubbling up in my soul and threatening to pour out in tears or angry words. When we got home your wonderful Daddy took time away from his mountain of work to play with you and give me an hour to myself. When I emerged from the bedroom, more at peace and refreshed, I found the two of you cuddled up in front of the computer watching Baby Einstein together. This is love, my girl. This is our life right now, and it is hard and joyful and rewarding beyond measure. This is exactly where I want to be. 

May 28, 2015