Staying here with Uncle Noah has been fun. You squeal when you see him and say his name, "Nonah," or "Nah-ah," or however you care to pronounce it that day. You shriek when he jumps off the diving board and pops up from under the water to surprise you. You smile winningly and throw yourself backwards into his lap and giggle when he plays peek-a-boo. If anything good has come from this stay-cation it is your friendship with your newfound pal. I watch you two play and then notice the date - one year ago today I watched your due-date come and go. Last year this time was so stressful and frustrating. This year we sit by the pool and you crawl and giggle and shriek. Despite the difficult nap situation and the grumpiness that is a result, I'd rather have you earth side and in my arms than anywhere else, my little one.

May 25, 2015