I've been thinking about my photography.

 What's my style, really? To what do I aspire? Who do I want to emulate? 

That's the thing about jumping headlong into a business/art form - it sort of all evolves along the way. 

I read over my details webpage and realized how far I'd gotten from my original ideals. I had wanted to capture great images - people as they really were, instead of mostly posed photographs. I looked through my portfolio and found that the images that held the most life and beauty were those that happened candidly and expressed a real and raw happiness. You just don't get that when everyone is saying "cheese."

Don't get me wrong. There's a place for that too. But I've come to see that making art and making memories can fit together in beautiful ways.

To that end, I'm offering new Lifestyle Sessions.

All sessions include 100+ digital images and take place in your home. We'll spend 2 hours there, doing whatever it is you do best. Does your family love board games? Music-making? Do you bake? Play soccer? Love dogs? Dance? We'll capture it, together. 

For a limited time these sessions are offered for $75.

To book a Lifestyle Session and make art and memories together, please email me at dwellrichlyphotography@gmail.com.