This year I decided to undertake a 365 project - capturing a photo a day of Charlotte throughout all of 2015. I've watched over time as Georgia of Documenting Delight has chronicled years in her children's lives, and I have been inspired seeing Ana's project she began in the latter half of 2014. I admit, it has seemed daunting, and at first I considered taking a photo a week instead, but there is something special about keeping these everyday - and I do mean every day - moments. My memories are very much tied to the senses. Feelings and smells and images are how I remember. Somehow this project will bring a level of tangibility, I think, to these memories I so dearly desire to hold on to. Most of the images won't be grandiose or particularly beautiful, but they will hold a piece of us and who we are now, today.

When Daddy is home on holidAY, busy writing student evaluations in his office, we visit him from time to time. He takes a break to kiss your cheeks, cuddle you, roughhouse or fly you, squealing, around the room. Sometimes he watches videos on his computer, and, screen-enthralled as you are, you contentedly perch on his shoulders and peer quietly around his head to watch.

New Years Day, 2015