In order to build up my portfolio I have been arranging some photo shoots with friends and family. A couple of Zack's sisters happen to be nearing their high school graduations, and were the perfect candidates for modeling some senior portraits for me. Haley isn't a senior yet, but she soon will be! 

I remember my high school years with fondness. They were a time of being and becoming. It always evokes many memories to see young people in that stage of life. I love being able to capture who they are in such a transitional time.

Haley loves her friends and family dearly, and is passionate about her sense of style. We took her to the Songbird Coffee and Tea House in downtown Phoenix to commemorate this important time of coming into her own.

We arrived just as the shop was opening and found the place gloriously to ourselves for a short while. Songbird has fantastic lighting and so many lovely touches thoughtfully constructed by the owners. The barista showed us of some of the handmade elements of the shop, including the long wooden tables and paneled back wall.

The early morning light filled the room and turned all it touched to gold. And out the window Phoenix woke and slowly came to life. 

Haley and I ordered our lattes and moved from space to space, capturing the bright atmosphere in each and every spot.

"I don't know what I'm doing," Haley tried to tell me. But truly, does this look like a girl who isn't perfectly at home with having her pictures taken?

One of the best things about Haley is how much she loves her family. Because of the wide age-range among her siblings and the miles separating everybody, it is a rare and special occasion to have the whole gang together. Haley is always ready to see her family, and is such a great auntie already to my little girl. So of course we had to get a picture of Charlotte with her Auntie Haley too.

After we'd finished our coffee we headed outdoors to check out some of the cool urban art in the area. Most of the walls down Roosevelt St. are covered in colorful murals. I think we found the prettiest one. 

Thank you, Haley, for pretending to be a senior for the day.  You're beautiful and dearly loved!