The Hicks are a wonderful family. Matt and Kellee have known my husband since college, and Kellee and I share a deep love of curry and all things Austen. Over the years the guys' hair has grown shorter, a few babies have been added to the mix, and we are still blessed to call them friends. 

Matt, Kellee and little Eliza have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Baby Grant. We met at their family's favorite park to document these last days as a family of three. 

Eliza was eager to run through the grass. She stuck around just long enough to hug her mama and say hi to Baby Brother before scampering off to play with her papa in the fading light.

Matt and Kellee have such a comfortable and affectionate relationship. Their love for one another is evident, and so easily captured.  

While Eliza and Matt chased each other in the grass, Kellee and I photographed her budding pregnant belly.  The sunlight faded over the trees and Kellee positively glowed. I couldn't help but think of the culmination of day bringing an appropriate finality to this session, marking the end of one stage of life and the start of another. "You look so regal," I said. "This is the only way I know how to pose," she laughed. Oh Kellee, don't ever learn another way. 

Hicks-Maternity (4 of 51).jpg
Hicks-Maternity (31 of 51).jpg

We walked over to the pond in the very last of the light. Eliza gleefully tossed crumbs to the ducks and a marvelous sunset marked the end of our session.

Thank you, Hicks Family, for allowing me to document this season in your lives. You are so loved, Baby Grant. I can't wait to meet you earthside.