My sweetheart, you lie sleeping, and I feel up to typing for the first time in a week. You turned six months old a few days back, but my mind has been pondering the subject a while. Big - you are so big now. You grew into your clothes overnight and can sit up and grab the toys you want with dexterity and precision. "Mmmmm," you hum intently in my direction, or Daddy's, or the kitty's, or whomever's attention you're trying to grasp. You've been chewing your fingers often, willing the teeth to finally grow through. Your personality grows wider every day. You give hugs that satisfy something deep within me. Your smiles through your sucking fingers make my heart drum. When did you become such a little person? "Mmmmm," listen to me, you seem to say. You are discovering the world and that you have a place in it. Mmmmm, you do, you do.