We saw the sun rise over the mountains.

Adam, Deanna and I spent the virgin hours of the morning walking through the desert, capturing their vibrant love against a clean canvas of mountain and sky. 

It was a beautiful morning, with air just starting to grow crisp and the smell of recent rain enveloping the desert. The hills were green with life; the sky, blue; the light, golden and mellow and all-encompassing. 

Adam and Deanna are getting married. We had a happy time navigating the spotted trails of the mountain preserve and chasing the sunlight. They make a beautiful, vibrant couple. They laughed the whole way through our session, and their love shone bright in every smile and kiss and embrace. 

I can easily say that this was one of my absolute favorite photo shoots. Adam and Deanna were   having a great time, the desert was beautiful, and the lighting, perfect. We walked the whole preserve and enjoyed the quiet of morning, the cool shadows beneath the mountains and the contrast of warm and blinding sunlight. 

There's something magical about the golden hour - the brief window between dawn and a sun fully risen. The light transfixes the world and turns it ethereal. If fairies live anywhere, I'm convinced it's in the half-lights of dawn and dusk. 

I couldn't even bring myself to edit some of these photos - they were perfect just as they were. Adam and Deanna have an easy way about their relationship. Their love and happiness together is as evident in photographs as it was in real life. I gave them little direction. They just went with it, and together we came by some beautiful moments. 

We walked the preserve from one end to the other, and then rambled back again. We mistook the trail more than once, and the sun rose silently above the mountains, distilling its warmth over the land. By the end I think we all felt that we'd accomplished what we'd come for. The golden hour turned into a bright morning, and the long shadows called us home.

Adam and Deanna, it was a pleasure to photograph your life and your love. May your engagement and your marriage be full of joy!

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